My talk about AI Game Development using Behavior Trees

On wednesday the 16th of December I was talking about AI game development using Behavior Trees at an Intel GameDev Meetup. The meetup was at the Microsoft offices in cologne and was organized by Intel and BeMyApp.

At first I talked about out of the box tools that Unity already ships with to develop AI. Afterwards I gave a summary of the top tools you could use to develop sophisticated AI behaviors. In the end Behavior Trees were the topic, as I explained them with a little bit more detail.

To show how a behavior tree could look like in a game, I showed an excerpt from the tree of our Villagers:


I had a great experience talking about AI development, which is my favorite part of game development. If you have any questions about my talk or about the topic in general, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Seasonal fading of textures

In our game Villagers, we try to accomplish a very realistic feeling of nature throughout the whole year. The recent addition is fading tree textures, based on the current time of the year. To show you what I mean, here is a gif:


Our artist created a texture for every season (spring, summer, autumn and winter). My task then was to create a shader that fades through these textures, based on the current time of year in the game.

This is accomplished by simply adding up the color values from each texture, multiplied with the specific modifier of the current season:

fixed4 c = (tex2D(_SpringTex, IN.uv_SpringTex) * _GlobalSpring
+ tex2D(_SummerTex, IN.uv_SpringTex) * _GlobalSummer
+ tex2D(_AutumnTex, IN.uv_SpringTex) * _GlobalAutumn
+ tex2D(_WinterTex, IN.uv_SpringTex) * _GlobalWinter)

In our time controller, I then just set the values for _GlobalSpring, _GlobalSummer, _GlobalAutumn and _GlobalWinter according to the current time of year. You can do this by using Unity’s “Shader.SetGlobalFloat()” function.

Update #3

Update #3


Finally we are showing our game to the public. It all starts with a little page on Bumblebees website.

Villagers is the game I worked on since August ’14 for Bumblebee-Games in a small team. It is a town building game that let’s you build a beautiful village and watch your villagers take on their everyday life.

I was engaged to develop a rich AI for the game. Later on I developed the majority of our systems: UI, AI, Unity tools, gameplay, core systems and even shader programming.

Update #2

Update #2

We recently went “public” with a hobby project. The “we” means: four people who love making games. The project is called “Magic Mallets” and it will be an airhockey game with some RPG like progression and skills.

We will attend Indievelopmentin Mayand let people play some crazy matches! This will be my first attendance at such a conference ever, so I’m kinda excited. Maybe I will see you there?

Here is a pic:

Magic Mallets Screenshot

Visit our Facebook-Page!



Update #1

Update #1

Welcome to my first “Update”.

I am still working on an unannounced project at Bumblebee games, which should go public in the very near future *crossing fingers*

During this project I already have learned a lot. Not just about programming a game in Unity, but especially about the surroundings of a game development cycle in a publisher <-> developer context. It was already a crazy ride, that will now get to its end. *again, fingers crossed*

Also, there was something cool going on in my spare time. But more on that later.