Since 2014 I've been developing games professionally. Here are some of the commercial and Game-Jam products I've worked on.

Commercial Products


Villagers Logo

Game with a mixture of town-building and artificial people simulation in a medieval setting. More

As main programmer, I was responsible for Gameplay, AI, UI and Tools. We used Unity and C# during the development and switched from git to Perforce for version controlling.

Oh My Gore!

Oh My Gore Logo

Tower Defense game mixed with Real Time Strategy, where the tower defense part is reversed. More

As additional programmer, I developed tools like a language localization system that imports from Google Sheets into Unity.


During my time at Flying Sheep, I developed 4 web-based multiplatform games. More

I used JavaScript and the Phaser library to develop those games. Some of them are playable here:


I've participated at many game jams up until now. They're always a fun and productive time.

Here are some of the games I worked on during Game-Jams:

GGJ17: How To HotDog

Challenge: Create procedural mesh acting as the trail of the sauce as it is applied to the hot dog.

UE4 December '16 Jam: Snowball Effect

Challenge: Dig deep into Unreal Engine's source code and go for a simple but interesting look.

I have worked on this game jam project after the game jam and put an extended version on Follow the link below to play it.

UE4 September '16 Jam: Ill Mountaineer VR

Challenge: Create my first VR game using the HTC Vive with Unreal Engine.

UE4 MegaJam '16: H.E.X. Human Evolved Xeno

Oh My Gore Logo

Challenge: My first team project with Unreal Engine using both, C++ and Blueprints.

IGJam16: Mask Effect

Mask Effect Logo

Challenge: Create a Multiplayer Arena Party Game.

GGJ16: Don't Do That!

Don't Do That Logo

Challenge: Create AI cats as opponents to the player, who tries to complete a ritual.